TERP Startup Lab

The TERP Startup Lab is a new technology incubation program for University of Maryland faculty, students, and regional entrepreneurs who:

  • are too early for or don’t yet meet the requirements for the VentureAccelerator or Technology Advancement Program, but

  • need a place where they can quickly develop their technology prototypes and get some help to start their companies, and

  • offer some strategic benefit or alignment with U-Md. (i.e., promotes culture of entrepreneurship, offers valuable product/service to U-Md. community, has potential to become VA/TAP company, etc.)

The TERP Startup Lab is located in Mtech's Technology Advancement Program incubator building, at 387 Technology Drive at the University of Maryland.

For over 20 years, TAP has helped entrepreneurs build some of the most successful technology companies in Maryland. TERP Startup Lab participants can take advantage of many of the benefits TAP offers.

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